Study Group for A Course in Miracles

We meet in person once a month for an
in-depth study of A Course in Miracles for
those living in the area of Atlanta, GA and

Outside of Atlanta and anywhere in the world
meet with us by telephone! Please join us by
dialing the following phone number and

Conference Dial-In number:
+1 760 569 7070
Participant AccessCode: 167246#

For international calling numbers
click here.

Meeting Schedule:

Both the in person meetings an the
tele-conference typically take place the
2nd Sunday of every month at
6:30 pm. Exceptions are shown in red.

Upcoming Workshop dates  for 2011 are:

- Sunday
July 24, 2011
- Sunday August 14, 2011
- Sunday September 11, 2011
- Sunday
October 16, 2011
- Sunday November 13, 2011
- Sunday December 13, 2011

Lucia presents a topic based on ACIM and
then there is a Q&A session.  
No solicitations for donations. Both the
meeting and the call are free of charge. For
address and directions in the Atlanta, GA
area write to

Recorded Lectures:

To Pray or Not To Pray - That is The

If you are having difficulties, if you are
worried, if you are suffering, if you need
hope, or simply if you're curious or wanting
to learn something new,
Click here to listen
to Lucía's Paltalk on Prayer. A Workshop that
is bound to change your life, especially your
prayer life, for the better.

Does God Answer Questions? Prayers?

Click here to listen to Lucia's Paltalk on
those 'Aha!' moments when we realize our
Answer has been given and received.

One-on-One WorkShop
The One-on-One Workshop is
designed to help individual's identify
which is the best path for them and
guide them through personal coaching in
experiencing these tools.

Please call for an appointment. There is
a per/session fee for a
Workshop, and sessions can last from
1 to 2 hours.

Online Study of A Course in Miracles
We moderate two online dialogue
groups about
A Course in Miracles  
available 24 hrs./ day:

To access the ACIM daily text reads
and perpetual Q&A service, plus
calendar of in-person study group
meetings in the Atlanta area click here:
ACIM Online Study Group

To join the 6,000+ members that make
up the world's largest
ACIM online
dialogue group --and based also on The
Disappearance of the Universe by Gary
R. Renard-- click here:
ACIM and D.U. Online Group


Grupo de Estudios por la Internet
( Español)
Para accessar el grupo de estudios por
internet haga click aquí:
Estudio en línea de Un Curso de
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