Spoken Miracles is an anecdotal account of Martha Lucía
Espinosa’s 30-year-long search for answers from God, as well
as the result of a request that has been made by thousands of
readers of author Gary R. Renard’s
The Disappearance of the
Universe, lovingly called “D.U.” Near the end of D.U., one of
Gary’s teachers mentions that there were 365 quotations from
the modern spiritual guide
A Course in Miracles (ACIM) used
in the
D.U. book. We are told also that if these quotations were
read on their own, they could either be used as a thought for
the day throughout the year, or they could simply be read like a
book, in which case they would constitute a “refresher course”
by Jesus, the
Voice of A Course in Miracles.
Many people requested that these quotations be put into book
form, but it was a bigger job than most realized. Gary and his
teachers  had used more than 11,000 words from
ACIM during
the course of their discussions. Additionally,
guides this book to be written in a way that it can stand on
its own, to help introduce people to both
D.U. and A Course
in Miracles
, as well as to inspire and entertain a little, so it
includes a short story as a way to introduce readers to the
basic concepts of these remarkable and miraculous books.
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"I’m very grateful to Lucía for putting this book together and
making it available to the world. She has earned not only my
support but my friendship. I wish her success, and I wish you the
reader many hours of interesting study while using this fine tool
for right-minded thinking. I cannot help but believe this will
result in an expanded awareness on the part of any sincere seeker
of the truth.
" (From the Foreword of Spoken Miracles. To read
the entire
Foreword by Gary Renard, author of The
Disappearance of the Universe
click here.)     
"Martha Lucia’s story is amazing, wonderful, miraculous,
inspiring, and she says it very well."
Rev. Jon Mundy, Ph.D.  
Professor of Philosophy at State University of New York,
Lecturer, and Author
(Missouri Mystic, Awaken to your Own
Call, Living A Course in Miracles: An Essential Guide to the
Classic Text, and other titles).
"What a gift this little book is! The way to take A Course In
Miracles on the road with you, like there never was one before.
Meanwhile, by calling these quotes from the course ‘
sayings’ the
book brilliantly highlights the inner consistency, i.e. content and
meaning, between
the course and the Gospel According to
which is a sayings Gospel and thus also highlights the
eternal presence of Jesus as our
Internal Teacher outside of the
framework of time and space.
" Rogier Fentener Van
  Lecturer, Author  (Closing The Circle, The Gospel
as a Spiritual Path and other titles.)  
Spoken Miracles - A Companion to The Disappearance of The Universe
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