As the author of the book that this book is a “companion” to, I was very happy to see M. Lucía
Espinosa become the one to answer a request that has been made by many readers of The
Disappearance of the Universe, which some of the members of the on line discussion group that
talks about the book have lovingly referred to as “
D.U.” Near the end of the book, one of my
teachers mentioned that there were 365 quotations from the modern spiritual guide,
A Course
in Miracles, (ACIM) used in the book. We were told that if these quotations were read on their
own they could either be used as a thought for the day throughout the year, or they could simply
be read like a book, in which case they would constitute a “refresher course” by Jesus, the
Voice of A Course in Miracles, in his own words.

A lot of people requested that these quotations be put into book form, but it was a bigger job
than most realized. My teachers and I had used over 11,000 words from
ACIM during the
course of our discussions. As time went on, it didn’t surprise me to see ‘
Lucía,’ as we know
Martha Lucía Espinosa in the online
D.U. discussion group, step up to the plate and be the one
to do the job. She had become a co-moderator of the on line discussion group and she also had
a very busy and successful life and career. Since that time, the on line discussion group has
grown in membership tenfold, reaching over 3,000 members as this book enters its final edition.
It’s axiomatic that if you want something done, you should ask a busy person to do it. In the last
couple of years I’ve found
Lucía to be one of the most dependable people I know, but she is so
much more than that. As I learned her story I was amazed by her life experiences, from moving
from Colombia to America at the age of 18 to her many extraordinary adventures, which I will
leave for her to tell the world in print. In fact, I believe
Lucía will be one of the most important
teachers of
ACIM in Spanish, and she has been instrumental in the translation of The
Disappearance of the Universe into that wonderful language, in which
ACIM is also growing the

The Disappearance of the Universe is not a substitute for A Course in Miracles, and this
book is not a substitute for
D.U. I’ve been told that ACIM is like a can, and D.U. is like a can
opener. It can be very difficult to get into a can without the right tool, and easy when you have it.
It can also be very difficult to get into
ACIM without the right tool, and D.U. has been and will
be that tool for many. This book will add a new dimension to both books, for it adds another
way of looking at them, which will help illuminate them even more for the reader. I’m very
grateful to
Lucía for putting this book together and making it available to the world. She has
earned not only my support but my friendship. I wish her success, and I wish you the reader
many hours of interesting study while using this fine tool for right-minded thinking. I cannot help
but believe this will result in an expanded awareness on the part of any sincere seeker of the